Quantitative Market Research


Quantitative market research is the collection of concrete numerical data that can be analyzed to detect trends in said data. The main characteristic of quantitative market research is that it allows for comparisons and trends to be analyzed and easily understood from a research standpoint. This type of market research is also a more structured market research process and can therefore involve a larger number of participants.

How can this be applied to me or my business?

It is imperative to carry out quantitative market research before starting a new business, launching a new product, or service as it gives factual figures and data that highlights target market interest and can help secure investors, as the risk of their investment is reduced as future demand is shown. It also enables you to compile sales forecasts and revenue. These can be done through the use of target market response rates and any pricing information or preferences that are revealed by respondents/participants during the research.

How Can AMR Do This For Me?

At Accurate Market Research, we use a variety of different approaches. Our services include and are not limited to: 

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