Our experienced and multi-ethnic professional moderators will help you to ensure accurate results.

Dr. Owen F.

AMR Senior Moderator

Dr. Facey also has extensive experience in consumer research and analysis. He brings an international perspective to the field of quantitative and qualitative research, having lived and worked in Canada, the West Indies and the United States.

Claudia I.

AMR Moderator

More than 20 years of experience. Have conducted many types of research studies, both qualitative and quantitative, in Brazil.

Karlene F.

AMR Senior Moderator

Karlene has extensive experience in market research, focus group moderating, marketing and branding. She specializes in the area of customer acquisition and retention. She holds a MBA from one of Europe’s leading universities – University of Liverpool in England.

Fabricio C.

AMR Moderator

20 year’s professional experience in Qualitative and Quantitative research. Expert in developing innovative ideas for specific needs and highly skilled in analysis for generating strategic insights.

Delores J.

AMR Senior Moderator

Delores has several years of experience moderating research projects. She also strategically optimizes the organization and maintenance of existing technological systems.

Vanessa K.

AMR Moderator

21 years in Qualitative Research. Broad experience in several categories and different targets in Mexico and in Latin America. Long-term immersion in consumer behavior, in-depth understanding of consumer needs.

Renee A.

AMR Moderator

More than 13 years of experience developing and managing different areas as Moderation, Sales, Marketing, Market research, Public Relations.

Mariana R.

AMR Moderator

13 years experience--including Project Management and Coordination, but mainly Moderation and Analysis of all types of Qualitative techniques (focus groups, interviews, ethnographic interviews, home visits, workshops, etc).

Erica F.

AMR Moderator

Experience in all aspects of Qualitative market research and Project Management. Fluent in Spanish and English. Extensive experience in Consumer and Health Care/ Pharmaceutical research.

Mariana C.

AMR Moderator / Translator

Over 7 years of experience in language services. Capable of delivering results under high pressure and meeting tight deadlines.

Gerardo H.

AMR CATI & Healthcare Panel Director

With 19 years of experience in research, focused mainly on data collection, field operating areas, capture and CATI methodology.

Barbara K.

AMR Moderator

Over fifteen years experience in market research. The types of research conducted include In-Depth Interviews on Needs, Usage studies, Concept Testing for new drugs and medical devices, Advertising Concept Testing, Naming studies, and Pharmacy Mystery Shoppers.

Jaime C.

AMR Moderator

Jaime provides clear strategic and tactical guidance to his clients’ marketing efforts. His category experience ranges from health, financial services and technology to B2B services, as well as an extensive range of consumer products.

Gratia W.

AMR Moderator

Graita has extensive experience organizing, conducting and analyzing focus groups, interviews and surveys involving sensitive issues. She has authored books and articles on focus group design & testing.

Douglas G.

AMR Moderator

Douglas’ international experience includes coordination of Market Research projects in Central America, Dominican Republic and some specific markets in the United States. He is fluent in Spanish and English and has experience in moderating focus groups and in-depth interviews.

Dr. Guy J.

AMR Moderator

Dr. Jeanty has a wealth of knowledge and experience conducting qualitative research within the health and social science industry. Dr. Jeanty has conducted numerous workshops and focus groups. He brings an international perspective to the field of qualitative research, having lived and worked in the West Indies and the United States.

Renee G.

AMR Moderator

Has more than 20 years of experience in the Market Research industry, with the last 15 years dedicated to Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals, including 15 years as a qualitative moderator.

Papsy M

AMR Moderator

Papsy Mileti is a dynamic marketing communications strategist with more than 10 years of experience in market research design, development, and analysis. She has held various marketing and leadership roles in the non-profit, higher education, banking, real-estate, and travel industries.

Lisa K

AMR Moderator

Lisa has over thirty years of market research moderating and consulting experience. Ms. Koslow is a seasoned professional, recognized for her ability to synthesize complex issues and deliver actionable solutions. She has served on numerous client strategic planning and leadership teams and always puts the client first and believes in working in a collaborative manner with her internal team, as well as the client teams she partners with. Lisa is an excellent focus group moderator who has conducted 100's of qualitative interviews and focus groups, covering a variety of industries from pharmaceutical, health care, dental, consumer goods and cosmetics.

Kelly A.

AMR Moderator

Has significant experience in healthcare, pharmaceutical and medical device topics. Kelly to interview hundreds of physicians, from highly-focused specialties such as Neurosurgeons and Oncologists to general family practitioners.

Gwyn B.

AMR Moderator / Translator

Over 11 years of experience designing and conducting qualitative research. Moderates Focus Groups, conducts In-person interviews, Telephone Depth Interviews, Video interviews, Online Bulletin Board s and in-field research including targeted screener and discussion guide development.


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