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"Our commitment to superior quality in all facets of the research process is paramount"

Accurate Market Research International is the culmination of over 18 years experience in marketing research. It was formed with the vision of providing relevant and accurate information to clients and putting it in a context that enables clients to better achieve their marketing and business goals. “Our Mission is to help our clients make better business decisions, based on market research, for their Brands, Products and/or Services.”

At AMR, our purpose is not just to provide research data, but also to work hand in hand with our clients to help them develop better, more effective marketing solutions utilizing the best research available. Methodology and design, execution and final results are all carefully planned, executed and supervised. With experience in the United States, Mexican and Latin American markets, and an in-depth knowledge of strategic, administrative and operational aspects of the industry, AMR provides the highest quality research results and market insights.

Our Vision & Mission

Accurate Market Research (AMR) is a Fast, Accurate, and Global Market Research Company.

Mission Statement:  We provide accurate market insights that drive profitability & innovation for our clients.

Our Core Values:


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