FieldWork Research


Our fieldwork capabilities are extensive, offering a wide array of services for both Qualitative and Quantitative market research projects.

On the Qualitative side, we offer best-in-class focus group facilities, with large, flexible viewing rooms. Our recruiting is conducted by both in-house recruiters and external contract recruiters. Our validation process is extensive and always conducted by internal Accurate Market Research resources to ensure top quality. Our moderators are bilingual and able to converse with international clients while working with the target population in its native language.

The range of Qualitative studies AMR conducts include the following: Focus Groups, In-Depth Interviews, Tele-Depth Interviews, Ethnographic (or in-home) interviews, On-line Bulletin Boards and On-line focus groups.

On the Quantitative side, AMR offers web-surveys from both our Consumer Panel and our Medical Panel. We conduct web-CAPI (Computer Assisted Personal Interviews) and face-to-face interviews, through street interceptions (or mall intercepts), door-to-door interviews and pre-recruited interviews.

Accurate Market Research’s Call Center is based on an IP backbone and able to conduct CATI (Computer Assisted Telephone Interviews) studies in markets throughout North America and Latin America.


Identify underlying opinions and dynamics through exploratory research.


Empirical data collection and statistical analysis


Advanced and integrated research methods for faster insights

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